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SEO content writing is the most crucial part of the Search Engine Optimisation process. An effective content grabs the attention of the right set or readers and makes the article fruitful.

Writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are some obstacles some content writers face. We all stumble with the grammar, choice of words, spellings and creative ideas. Some writers also experience a slowdown in their work and lose their ability to produce new works.

How tools elevate the overall content quality?

Writing effective content helps marketers meet their SEO goals. Any detraction to the quality of work of a professional writer, is needless to say, is detrimental to the individual or the firm.

Besides, an aspiring writing firm is usually ambitious about acquiring new businesses. Cascading tasks like writing, proofreading and editing can help a firm streamline the writing process and keep up the quality. However, monotony of the job, backlog and lack of creativity can still hamper the quality of work.

To be able to deliver compelling content and not sink in the competition, Professional SEO content writers have to overcome any such obstacle.

Fortunately, there are technological advancements that make some of these tasks simple. Several tools simplify these tasks and are regularly used by most reputed SEO content writers .

Here are the list and description of some of these tools: posicionamiento web madrid

1- ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an excellent writing aid tool for writers of any background. Many clients, who rely on a continuous chain of supply of content, usually swear by the simplicity of the written material. Easier the content, more effortless it becomes for the readers to follow and retain the information.

Such clients insist on the readability of the content. It is divided into Flesch reading ease and Flesch-Kincaid grade level. They judge content on a certain scale and give out the results. Flesch reading ease states the percentage of ease in the content; whereas, Flesch-Kincaid tells you the level of the school grade comprehensibility of the material.

Keeping the quality of the content while matching these scores is not easy. ProWritingAid is a software that makes that task easy by suggesting replacements for words, phrases and shortening long sentences. You can rest assured about the clarity as well as the quality of your work.

2- WordStream

The quality and effectiveness of the content are its essentials. Even if you have unmatched quality and informativeness in your work and you also keep up with the trend, the right keywords are the ones to drive the right amount of and suitable traffic to the content.

Keyword research is, therefore, vital. WordStream is a software tool that makes it easy for you. There are several other tools available, as well. However, WordStream has captured most of the market due to its unmatched results. What’s more satisfying is that the tool is free.

3- Copywritely

Need a more comprehensive tool for your copywriting business? There is one for you, which is also very affordable. Copywritely is the one point solution for many of your content writing needs.

It includes several tools that help you run a readability check, plagiarism check, keyword density check and so on. If it knows that the content ought not to rank high in the Search Engine Page Results (SERP), then it gives you writing tips to improve your content.

With good quality, remarkable and well-articulated content, you are sure to get better traffic and thus the conversion.

4- SEO Tagg

One of the essential parts of the content writing business is making your content strategy in line with your SEO goals. The best way to do this is by organizing your content marketing, prioritizing, and understanding the value of future posts.

SEO Tagg does these all for you. It researches and keeps a look at the keywords on a real-time basis. It does this all as you write the content. Moreover, the best thing about this tool is that it checks for the possibility of including more keywords in your content.

It has the SEO metric analysis tool, and it makes your content better in terms of getting more attention. It is adopted by many bloggers, SEO experts and content writers across the globe.

5- Evernote

As aspiring content writers or writers of books etc., we have a lot of ideas. It may be baffling to jot them or write them down to fetch them easily later. It is convenient as it is available on various platforms like android, iOS as well as Windows.

You can save a precis, idea or any other material on your iPhone and access it from your laptop computer and start from thereon.

These were some of the most useful tools for Professional SEO content writing companies to simplify and streamline many of their works. Which tools are you using in your content creation work? Do write to us and let us know.

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